Happy May, everybody!


Spotify and iTunes


We’re thrilled to unveil our new website, We hope it’s functional and easy to navigate.  You’ll be able to find everything you want to know about King Fish Crow right there.  Call it our one stop shop.  Check when our next show is and find all of our social media.  You can even like us on Facebook.  And now you can stream us on Spotify or download us on iTunes.  So tell your friends and we’ll see you at the shows.




In regard to my mention of spring last week, I must remember not to speak of spring as warm and beautiful and blooming until at least June. Mentioning the beautiful weather at this tumultuous time of year is bound to bring a week in the thirties and more snow.  I’ve learned my lesson.  This is Minnesota.  The calendar says spring, but winter does not want to let go of its icy grip just yet.




Yesterday three of my nephews were baptized. The crazy part is they are cousins, all born within four months of each other.  Jude Robert is the oldest.  Samuel Joseph is the middle cousin.  You could call him the fulcrum.  And Malachi Patrick rounds out the gang.  We affectionately call them the Three Murpheteers.  (It’s also a hashtag on Instagram.)  As they were being held around the font in the church, I couldn’t help but beam as an uncle to all three.  And my dad, Patrick Joseph, he was beaming ear to ear.  Can there be a greater moment for a grandfather?  I suppose time will tell.


Now we have these new little faces peering out into the world, reaching up into our faces. And I can’t help but think I look more like an uncle than I ever thought I could.  Who knows?  Maybe they’ll form a noisy little trio.  We can only hope and nudge and teach.


Happy Birthday, Liz!!!


“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Worhol

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