The Auk’s Roost

This past Saturday evening I played a solo set at the Auk’s Roost.


The Auk’s Roost is my friend Jake’s house/art gallery/music venue. On a corner lot in South Minneapolis, it stands three floors tall and the music happens in the attic.  Lit by the soft glow of LED strip lights with a working fireplace behind the musicians, the attic is one of the most intimate venues to play in the Twin Cities.  The audience sits in the small room on the bearskin rug or on the padded seats that line the walls.  There are no microphones and there is a general no amplifier policy, though the final flight of stairs up into the attic is discouraging enough to anyone thinking of lugging an amp all the way up to the top.


Live music is about a shared moment. In the attic of the Auk’s Roost, there is an energy to the space and it’s organic and raw and genuine.  Everyone who plays embraces the space and makes it their own.  Jake curates the events himself and has even booked touring acts to play.


We started the night on punk rock time and I kicked things off with about an hour and a half set. I didn’t have a solid set list, but had the idea that I wanted to play songs that fit the attic and my acoustic guitar on that particular beautiful evening in May.  So I played some newer originals and sprinkled in a few covers.  The evening, as always, was full of merriment, laughter and great music.  It’s always a great time meeting new folks at the Roost.


If you are so inclined, check out these bands: Sawed Off String Band, The Salt Vine and Jezebel Jones. And maybe we’ll discuss songwriting or the appropriation of symbols next time Jake has an event at his house.


Happy Mother’s Day! I would especially like to honor my Mom and Tami.  I love you.  And to my sisters, Jess and Kris, and sister in law, Lisa, keep raising those beautiful human beings.  And finally, I would like to give a shout out to all the mothers out there.  You are appreciated more than you know.


“A house is no home unless it contain food and fire for the mind as well as for the body.”  – Margaret Fuller

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