Happy 11th of July!

Last week, I skipped my first blog since starting Bunker Fuzz. I should have told you all to stay independent and keep all your digits, but I wasn’t near a computer and I was hoping you weren’t around to read it anyway.  Happy Belated 4th!


Sometimes it’s important to step away from whatever it is you’re doing and give it a rest.


It’s also really exciting when a band like Scubadiver from Houston, Texas dig your tunes, reach out to you and want to play a show with you at the Pourhouse when they come into town in September. So we’ve got that coming up.


But First,

Want to party on a farm?  Want an outdoor musical experience?  Want to hang out with the bands?  Go for a hike?  Paddle board?  Yeah?  Well, get yourself out to Wild Springs Festival July 29-30 for a magical weekend on Lily Springs Farm.  This is going to be the bash of the summer for King Fish Crow.  Join us with Wailing Loons, Flatwater Mississippi, Chill Witch, Good Morning Bedlam, Ben Weaver, Brady Pearl, Red Daughters and Eli Utne.  Campfires, starlight and music into the night. Follow the link to reserve your spot now.  We’re getting amped up.  We’ll see you on the farm.


“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”     – Thomas Jefferson

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