NPR Tiny Desk Contest

This past week, we stepped outside of our normal routine of rehearsing new material and we recorded a live video for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. It’s the first time we’ve entered this contest or anything like it.

I forgot all about it and we almost missed the deadline. If it wasn’t for our friends, Wailing Loons, posting an entry video, we would have.  So last Thursday, I asked if anyone in the band had a ‘tiny’ desk and Shane came through.  The desk is a big deal.  I was planning on shooting the video on a GoPro, but I couldn’t find the cord to charge the darn thing.  So it started to look like we’d have a classy cellphone video.  Turned out Corey had the cord I needed and we shot the video with the GoPro after all.  I set up the camera on a tripod and we crowded behind our desk.  We took four takes and used the live audio from the GoPro.  If we would have planned ahead a little better and known the contest was creeping up on us, we could have used a mixed Tascam track for the audio.   It also would have been nice to see Corey in the video and maybe even have Liz a little more front and center.  But hey, we entered a contest.

The song we entered into NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest is called, “1,2,3,4” and will be on the album we are in the process of hashing out. The video is of the third take.  Take a moment and check it out. Thanks, friends.

“You may be always victorious if you will never enter into any contest where the issue does not wholly depend upon yourself.”     – Epictetus

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