Bunker Blizzard

The Bunker Reunion will be remembered for the unprecedented April blizzard and as a party for the adventurous.

King Fish Crow showed up by right around three without much ado. Corey did get his car stuck in the snow a couple times circling for a parking spot, but we were all hands on deck and rocked him out both times.

Once we piled into the Bunker and took our jackets, boots, gloves and hats off, we began to settle in. We turned on our amps and plugged in the crock pot of slow cooked pulled jerk chicken that Beau prepared. We had bottled water, beer, bags of chips, an assortment of gummies and cookies and, of course to be healthy, bananas. It could have snowed all weekend. Oh wait! It did.

The highlight of the bash was that Drew was back in town for the weekend. He brought his saxophones, banjo and mandolin. We were all thrilled to find out he’s moving back to the Twin Cities from Madison. As of early May, he’ll be back as a full-time member of King Fish Crow!

Most of the bands pulled out because of the weather and its totally understandable. We had a few friends venture out in the snow and hang out with us for a while. The Bunker Reunion show wouldn’t have been a reunion without some band getting back together and playing a few songs. Luckily, Invisible Machines made an impromptu set with three quarters of their original members and excited those gathered in the Bunker with some of their danceable ditties. King Fish Crow didn’t hold back and we played through our entire catalogue. The night was also the first night King Fish Crow used the Live video function on Facebook. We got a pretty good reception on that platform and we may do more of them.

Even with only a fraction of the people we invited making the wintery trip, we learned something. The Bunker is an ideal practice space. But the Bunker is just not big enough to host more than ten people at any given time. There just isn’t room.

There are some murmurs about getting Galaxy Drive together in better weather. But if it happens, we’ll give you some elbow room and have it at a real venue.

This week, King Fish Crow will be performing at Acadia Café at 10 pm. It may be just in time for another April snowstorm. And why not? Come out and join us for an unpredictable evening of weather and rock steady beats.

Finally, I have to say, “Thanks.” I’ve been writing this blog, BunkerFuzz, for over a year now. You have made it completely worthwhile. Here’s to more music coming out of the Bunker and plenty of Fuzz to follow.

“Success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than to the large things; to the every day things nearest us rather than to the things that are remote and uncommon.”    – Booker T. Washington

3 thoughts on “Bunker Blizzard

  1. Kudos. As a 60 year old you may add me to your demographic of followers. As a dad ( of 3 musicians 2 of whom are Crows) and as a musician, following Bunker Fuzz is a treat. Mostly though, watching really fine people make music together and tell their story is very satisfying. Well done all. KB

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