Coming Up

Here in the Bunker we’re prepping for a few really cool shows. We’ll be playing Reverie next Friday and in Osceola, WI in July.

Next Friday, June 16th, we’re playing Reverie Café one more time before it moves.  It’s a great room and we fit the stage comfortably.  Seriously, it’s almost laughable to mention, but we have six people in the band.  Have you seen us perform at Palmer’s?  Anyway, we’ll be sharing the stage with the Flowerstalks, a super talented local Alternative/Americana band.  We’re thrilled to be on the bill with them.  Their tunes are top notch and Kansas City Keith has always been one of my favorite local guitar players.  There will be an acoustic opener and a comedian closing out the night.  It will be our grand farewell to Reverie on the corner of Franklin and Nicollet.  So come out and join us if you can.  Next Friday.

In July, we will be going back to the Wild Springs Festival in Osceola, Wisconsin. Save the weekend of July 29th and 30th and get your tickets now!  This event is held on a beautiful little farm next to a quiet lake.  Hosted by our friends Dan and Emily of Wailing Loons, we are thrilled to be a part of it again.  Last year was beautiful and sunny and a complete blast.  Come out and camp with us.  It’s destined to be the highlight of our summer.  There will be tons of great music, fantastic food and flowing beer (if you like that sort of thing) and, of course, fine folks.  There are trails to hike, water activities and that doesn’t include the crew that bikes in from the cities.  If you’re looking for something to do in late July, throw your tent and sleeping bag in your car, grab a friend and we’ll meet you at the farm.

We’re working on some new tunes as well. We have a few we’ve been performing at recent shows and a few we have yet to unveil.  We aren’t trying to get too far ahead of ourselves, but we are looking at going back into the studio in 2018.  That’s a big ballpark, but we’ll take out time and craft what looks like will be our first full length album.  So stay tuned.  Download your copy of Hotdish Army and tell everyone you know.

In September, we have been invited to curate the music and perform for the first annual benefit concert for the Austin Strong Foundation. Austin Smith was Dave and Drew’s nephew.  Dave is King Fish Crow’s electric guitar player and Drew, his brother, has been our saxophone player even after moving to Madison.  Austin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when he was five years old.  He died a year later, the day we began recording Hotdish Army.  As a tight knit band, we were deeply affected by the struggle of someone so young and so close to our hearts.  At the same time, we were greatly impacted by Austin’s courage as he bravely battled what would eventually take his life.  We have nothing but love and support to show to the whole family.  If you would like to stand up and fight against childhood cancer, support the Austin Strong Foundation and stay tuned for a date and location for the upcoming benefit concert.

Thank you so much.  Keep reaching.

“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.”     – Warren Buffet

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