Schools Out

Here we are at the end of another school year. A little Alice Cooper seems appropriate.  Watch out for all those kids on bikes and I hope your air conditioner works well.


There are grad parties galore, echoes of the glory days or some such. So many mistakes still yet to be made.  I remember stashing beer in the neighbor’s bushes during my grad party, then driving up to someone’s cabin the next day to drink it lukewarm.  All with a certain ignorant panache.   I mean, some things never change, but I’ll have a cold beer, thank you.


Liz is working on a design for a T-Shirt. It is not the picture at the bottom of this post.  That is just another cool thing that she drew.  When she completes the art for the shirt, we might just leak the image right here in the blog.  We’ve decided to make them ourselves, so we need to get screens made and squeegees and paint.  Then we will put them all together for you.  Handmade, originals.


Remember: This Friday, June 16th.  Music starts at 9 with Mark Verdin.  We’ll be on at 10, followed by the Flowerstalks and Karl Kooiker will close out the night.  $5.


As a side note, I told some folks that this past weekend was the 6th year anniversary of King Fish Crow’s first show.  That is not true.  The seven year anniversary will be on September 15th.  I apologize for any confusion.


Watch out for the kids in the streets.


Go Twins and Go Saints!


“In the split second from the time the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand until it reaches the plate you have to think about your stride, your hip action, your wrist action, determine how much, if any, the ball is going to break and then decide whether to swing at it.”          -Duke Snider   LizbirdKFC.JPG

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