Bunker 2.0

It’s been busy in the Bunker. King Fish Crow has a few things on the horizon.  Theo has been making us some rad shelves.  So this thing, Bunker 2.0, is happening.  Reorganizing.  Reenergizing.  Rebunkering.  Maybe we should have an open house.  Show you the digs.


Also, as a little hmmm… moment. The Bunker is turning 10 next year.  Should there be a celebration?  Reunion Shows?  If you have ever been a part of the Bunker, let me know what your thoughts are on some sort of 2018 festivities.  In honor of you.  In recognition of the space.  A lot of people have made the Bunker possible through the years.  And the music has been pretty alright as well.


T-shirts are in the hands of Rebel Ink and we should be getting them back in the next couple weeks. These shirts are going to look great and we only have limited amount.  Who wants one?


We’re getting a double set ready for the private party in Dexter. I may play an electric guitar, which would be my first time playing electric in King Fish Crow.  Is that a big deal?  Right now we’re working on a few covers to throw into the mix.  We’ve been playing the Prince song, I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man, since he passed away last year.  You may also hear us reel off a Velvet Underground song or two.  That’s usually about the extent of it for us.  We’re focused on our original material.  That’s what King Fish Crow is all about.  But for this show, we’re adding a few more to the short list.


Our next show in the Cities is on September 20th.  We’ll be at the Pour House with Scubadiver and Omission Republic.  We’ll be joining Scubadiver , who hail from  Houston, Texas, on the Minneapolis stop of their Where Am I?? Tour.  We are thrilled to be on this bill and hope to see you there!  It’s sure to be a great night with tons of surprises and a good time.

 “I often write about nonreligious people, and I try to find situations where their sense of humanity is restored or discovered. I think you can be a good person in many ways.  And I think you often have to be careful that prayer can seem superficial, because it’s a very complicated thing to love your neighbor as yourself.”     – Horton Foote

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