Windows Down

August is flying by. It’ll be snowing before you know it.  We’re trying to make the most of the daylight before summer’s gone.


We’ve picked up our original Liz Murphy llama t-shirts from Rebel Ink and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. The shirts come in four colors, all very limited.  We have a blue, a vibrant blue, and army green shirts all with golden yellow print and we have white shirts with blue print (size small only).  So choose your favorite and show your friends what you know about cool.  And don’t forget, we still have the original black and white King Fish Crow shirts to make your decision even harder.

 This coming weekend we’ll be in Dexter, MN playing a private party, a house party, should be one for the books. We’re hoping for beautiful weather.  From what I’m told, we’ll be transforming a deck into a stage.  We’ll be bringing our amps, a P.A. and maybe a little light show or some fog.  And we will have an R.V. as a green room.  I’m looking forward to playing all night long, seeing the stars and maybe spotting a couple satellites whipping around our planet.


In September, we’re playing the Pour House on the 20th with traveling band, Scubadiver.  It’s an early show so, despite it being a Wednesday, you’ll be able to get back home before mom and dad even know you went anywhere and had the time of your life.


We, also, just confirmed a show with our friends, Loons In the Attic. We’ll be playing Friday September 22nd with them and Peddler.  This show will be a late show.  We’re slated to go on at midnight.  So come on out to greet Saturday morning with us.  Your parents are going to know you snuck out for this one.  Make the most of it.  Super cool venue.  Great local bands.  Totally worth getting grounded.


So come out Wednesday, September 20th for the early show and witness one of the cooler bills we’ve been on in a while and take to the Nomad World Pub on Friday September 22nd for the late show, where we will share the stage with our friends and a couple great local bands. In short, mark your calendar for fun.  Double down in September and we’ll see you there.


As you can see, we are in good spirits. Corey just moved; Shane is in the process.  Dave and I both had family vacations.  We ventured to Ludlow’s Island on Lake Vermillion and Governor Knowles State Forest respectively.  Beau still has more snakes than you and Liz is working on her art, commissioned and otherwise.


Keep Reaching


“Friends …they cherish one another’s hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams.”     – Henry David Thoreau

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