Through the Fog

There are always bridges to cross, mountains to climb. Most of the time, its one foot in front of the other through the fog.  Its hours at the drawing board, drafts in the trash.


Such is the life of the artist.


King Fish Crow does not have any upcoming shows on our calendar. We’d never rule out a pop up show with some of our local favorites.  But we’re going to take the time being and go back to the drawing board with some new tunes and recently added material.


We’ll keep you posted, of course.


Today we’d like to introduce Corey B. Toth…He’s kinda like our very own personal Johnny B. Goode.

Corey B. Toth

Bringing the ruckus with the Keys and Synths

Aka: Dynamic Magician

When did you start playing an instrument?

I started taking piano lessons when I was 5, I think. I stopped taking lessons when I was 14 only to start playing again when I was 20. 

Who are your favorite bands/musicians/artists?

I’d have to say Damon Albarn and all his projects. Jim James and My Morning Jacket.  Modest Mouse.  Danger Mouse.  Wu-Tang Clan.  George Clinton.  Josh Ritter.  OutKast.  Bon Iver.  Kanye West. 

What are your biggest musical influences?

I like to draw from manty musical styles, but I feel like the biggest musical influences have been Damon Albarn, Justin Vernon, Danger Mouse, OutKast and Kanye West. The more I listen to Joni Mitchell, the more I like her too.  She is badass. 

Who are your favorite local bands?

12 Rods and Night Moves. Also, all the local bands that are friends with King Fish Crow.  Wailing Loons and Loons in the attic are definitely up there. 

What is your favorite piece of gear? Why?

My Korg MicroKorg. It was my first hardware synth and whenever I think I need something new, I play around with the MicroKorg and I usually find what I’m looking for. 

What genre is King Fish Crow?

Prog Blues Folk

How cool is the Bunker?

The Bunker is pretty great! Ya know?

What had been your most memorable King Fish Crow show for you?

I would say either Wild Springs Festival this year or that time we played with the Twilight Hours on a secret bill at the Driftwood.

What is your favorite King Fish Crow song to play live?

Echo of the Bells, probably

What is your favorite color?

I would have to say blue

Hot Sauce?

I dabble with Franks Red Hot on occasion.

What city do you live in?


What is your hometown?

Burnsville, Minnesota

What do you do during the day?

Support ERP Software

What is your favorite movie?

Office Space or Princess Mononoke

What is your favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving. You’ve got food, football, good company and usually two guaranteed days off work.

What would you bring for your desert island playlist? (5 albums)

  • Modest Mouse: Lonesome Crowded West
  • My Morning Jacket: Z
  • Sly and the Family Stone: There’s a Riot Going On
  • Kanye West: College Dropout
  • Bon Iver: For Emma Forever Ago


What is your favorite hobby/pastime?

I like playing basketball and roasting my own coffee in my popcorn popper

Do you have any pets?

I have an awesome cat named Ralphie. We found him in a box with other kittens at a flower shop.  He just turned 17 and is still as spry as the day we found him.

What is your favorite beer?

Either Founders Breakfast Stout or Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

What is your preferred method of travel?

I love driving long distances in my car

What is the most important thing to know about you?

I’m good at laughing stuff off and I try to help people any way I can. I also have ADHD, so it makes focusing hard sometimes.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

When people think being dumb is cool. More specifically, bragging about being dumb.

Playing live or recording in a studio? Which do you prefer?

I like both. They hold a different energy.  Playing live gives you a boost that help you play with more energy.  When in the studio, I feel like you get boosts of energy that lead to creative juices flowing.  I do like sharing the sound we create with an audience.  Shows may have the edge. 

If King Fish Crow booked a show on the moon that was to be broadcast to earth and the entire galaxy, would you make the proper preparations and ultimate voyage?

Yeah. I think I would.  The moon would be a pretty great place to play.


“It is not the clear-sighted who rule the world.  Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm fog.”     – Joseph Conrad

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