The S Word

We’ve had a few flakes flying around. The temperature is dropping.  The ground is starting to freeze.  Those flakes are going to stick pretty soon.


Happy Day Light Savings. And so comes the season of darkness.


I’m alright with gaining an hour, but losing the daylight is a rough trade off. I’m not a big fan of the dark at 5:30 stuff.  Of course, I’ve been through this before.  I’ve lived here all my life.  I try to find creative ways to keep me going through the winter months.  I do love the big flakes when they are falling and I have nowhere to drive.  And sledding’s not too bad.


From the Bunker News room, King Fish Crow held a council meeting last week. They discussed their much contemplated mission.  A log was kept and they are reported to have put forth a detailed proposal that should proficiently lead them into the future.  In the coming weeks, we should expect to see how they will begin to look at new material in a manner predetermined by their deliberate guidelines.  As is necessary, they will remain, we are told, off the radar.

You may see a photo from the bunker pop up here and there.


“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”     -Eleanor Roosevelt

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