Happy New Year

King Fish Crow accomplished a lot in 2017. We released our album, Hotdish Army, at the very end of 2016.  In 2017, King Fish Crow put an album on iTunes and Spotify, both firsts for the band.  We also released two music videos supporting the album: Sweet Desperation and Train Song.  We are thrilled with how these videos turned out and we couldn’t have done it without the expertise and creativity of both Tyler and Josh respectively.

In 2018, King Fish Crow is looking to push forward. We have so much we want to accomplish.  We want to continue to play shows in the Twin Cities and we’re aiming to set up our first “mini” tours around the Midwest.  We’re also shooting for some spins on college radio.  Anything that we can do to help build our audience is a priority this year.  And as we’ve alluded recently, we’re looking to get back into the studio at some point this year as well.

A Thought for the New Year

I have a tendency to be a perfectionist. When I begin something, it can consume me.  I can pour myself into projects and methodically plot and hammer out every detail.  If in the midst of the task, something goes sideways (and things go sideways from time to time).  It can become a monumental obstacle for me, a frustration that has the potential to derail my intention.

I believe perfection is a journey, not an end product. It’s somewhat of an eastern thought (something far away from capitalism).  At the end of the day, perfection is an action, a verb.  In the doing, the living of life, on the journey the end outcome changes from product to passion, to love.

One of my most prized possessions is a “Ball Park,” a wooden baseball field with a spot for a bat and a baseball and two pegs for hats to hang from. My grandpa made it for me when I was much younger than I am now and I’ve held onto it for years.  It’s not a perfect work of carpentry or design.  But, that matters very little to me.  It’s about who made it and what was behind the making of it.  I cherish the sanded and stained wood.

If I do anything in this New Year or in New Years to come, may what I do be filled with passion, may I embrace the journey, and the love of life. And I hope to share a deeper connection with all of you.  What I am doing here in my life, what King Fish Crow is striving for is not a commodity.  It’s our hearts on our sleeves and we will always give you heat from our fire.

Thank you so much for the support and friendship. It is truly a blessing and we are genuinely grateful.

“May those who love us love us,

and those who don’t love us,

may God turn their hearts.

And if he doesn’t turn their hearts,

may he turn their ankles

so we’ll know them by their limping.”

– An Irish Blessing

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