A New Age

Here in the Bunker, King Fish Crow is starting the year off right. Our Press Kit is finished.  We’ve got our Tascam DP-24 hooked up and we’re recording rehearsals from now until the end of time.  The audio quality is better than any scratch Bunker recordings we’ve done in the past.  It’s a New Age!  A glorious evolution!

I’ve been in the Bunker for ten years, this year. In 2008, Galaxy Drive, my first band, released an album called A Remnant Remains.  We rented a room, the room we affectionately call the Bunker, when there were no walls even erected for the space yet, just the crude framework of what the space would become.  So this year is something of a milestone.  It’s the ten year watermark.  And the occasion has brought about a Bunker Reunion show (Early April) and the reunion of Galaxy Drive.  Time is a trip.

Last night, Mike Strobel and I met at the Bunker and we began to remember how to play songs we haven’t attempted playing in nearly a decade. It was great to scrape some of the barnacles off and I’m excited to get the original guys back together and play some songs that seem to stand up to that old test of time.  Stay tuned for more details.

A small lineup of bands who have shared the Bunker with us will soon be revealed. Because the Bunker is not a large space, this event will be invite only.  If you are interested in attending please send us an email (kingfishcrow@gmail.com).

Catch King Fish Crow Saturday, January 27th, at the Auk’s Roost for an intimate, acoustic set.  We’ll be sitting in a circle shoulder to shoulder with everyone who piles into Jake’s cozy attic.  It’s going to be a snuggly kind of evening in the icy middle west.

Remember to take your shoes off at the door.

“Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.”     – Tryon Edwards

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